Friday, May 18, 2012

How do you do prom right

We have reached that time of year again. But , how do you do prom right without  breaking the bank? So many expenses with tickets, limo, dress, shoes, photos,  hair can cost thousands. The list of needs is endless for the girl who wants to look like J-Lo and the her parents with the the budget of Homer Simpson.  The money saving tips below will help you marry the two fabulously .

    1. "Think Green-" Why not choose a dress that can be recycled? Who ever said that a teenage girl must wear a dress resembling a brides maid. Don't you realize that bridesmaid's dresses were created to make the bride look great at the expense of her best friends? Yet, year after year, young ladies wear these rejects of couture that often resemble fruits and vegetables! I say, pick a simple but elegant dress that you can accessorize to fit your personality. After all, isn't learning to be who you are what high school is all about anyway? Body Central ( and Victoria's Secret  ( both have great ideas ranging from $25 - $100 and best of all you can wear them again!

2. Accessorize! - The right accessories can make all the difference! Going basic black? Try some chunky jewelry! TracyCouture  is my guilty pleasure. This Facebook store offers amazing styles all at under $20!!!! How can you go wrong?

3.  It's all about the hair! Long curls or a classic updo does not require spending a fortune thanks to YouTube! For $10 in product and pins, you can do it yourself or have a little bonding time with Mom and do it together! Here are some ideas to get you started! <>

4. Save on photo shop...Whiten your teeth at home! Many at home teeth whitening products are now as effective or more effective than in office dental whitenings that can cost up to $1000. Whitening Lightning's Super Booster Pen is our best seller and if you use coupon code YOUTUBE any of our whitening pens will cost only about $24.

5. Less is more ~ especially when it comes to makeup! Go for the natural look with a concealer and tinted moisturizer, dramatic lashes and a dazzling sparkling gloss like our Color Your Smile Icicle color.

Most of all, have a great time and take lots of pictures!

-- Smile from the heart!

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